by Austan Goolsbee, Steven Levitt, and Chad Syverson


Select a chapter for the corresponding Planet Money episodes.

Chapter 1: Adventures in Microeconomics
Chapter 2: Supply and Demand
Chapter 3: Using Supply and Demand to Analyze Markets
Chapter 4: Consumer Behavior
Chapter 5: Individual and Market Demand
Chapter 6: Producer Behavior
Chapter 7: Costs
Chapter 8: Supply in a Competitive Market
Chapter 9: Market Power and Monopoly
Chapter 10: Market Power and Pricing Strategies
Chapter 11: Imperfect Competition
Chapter 12: Game Theory
Chapter 13: Factor Markets
Chapter 14: Investment, Time, and Insurance
Chapter 15: General Equilibrium
Chapter 16: Asymmetric Information
Chapter 17: Externalities and Public Goods
Chapter 18: Behavioral and Experimental Economics